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SUPORT Windykacja Odszkodowań deals with pursuing claims which do not arise directly from insurance contracts concluded via ODYS or EA. The company’s core operations consist of seeking compensations for personal damage, pensions and reimbursements for treatment costs and costs incurred as a result of lost corporate profits caused by a perpetrator who is a third party to ODYS’s customer or by an insurance company that puts our customer at risk of having to discontinue operations and incur loss as a result of delayed payment of compensation. The company has existed and successfully provided services to our customer since 2008. SUPORT Windykacja Odszkodowań is not a typical compensation agency. It determines its remuneration only after a case has been resolved, making it dependent on the results. Advance payments are required only in exceptional cases where matters are complex. 

More about SUPORT on www.windykacjaodszkodowan.pl and from the scope of services tab.           
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