Grupa Brokerska Sp. z o. o.

Human potential
Human potential
The quality of our services is guaranteed by the comprehensive skills of our staff, experience gained when working for insurance companies and continuous improvement of their qualifications through participation in trainings, seminars and conferences. Furthermore, each customer service employee is specialised in a specific field of insurance.

Persons doing broking on behalf of our customers hold special brokerage qualifications obtained by passing the brokerage exam before the Examination Board for Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers. They also participate in compulsory trainings as per insurance agency regulations.

Our team consists of 50 people. We employ lawyers, economists, risk assessment engineers and property appraisers who are all proficient in using expert programs. We regularly procure the services of experts, including court experts in various fields, as well as cooperating with certified translators and the Law Firm.
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