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ODYS’s services
ODYS’s services

ODYS renders the following services: 

- Audit of the existing insurance contracts including risk coverage assessment for risks relating to the customer’s operations, advice on additional insurance and withdrawal from insurance, e.g. in the case of doubled insurance. 

- Development of an insurance programme understood as a collection of insurance contracts signed to transfer identified risks and threats related to the operations of the customer and to the property to an insurance company. The Insurance Programme takes precedence over general terms and conditions of insurance applied by insurance companies.

- Tender and negotiations; where the customer has to select an insurer by tender, we will develop Terms of Reference including required attachments, participate in the works of a tender committee and provide answers to enquires from contractors.

- Preparing recommendations pointing to advantages and defects of bids, comparing and discussing bids to the extent required to take conscious decisions on risk location with a specific insurance company. 

- Insurance programme implementation comprising materialisation of insurance contract conclusion after prior verification of insurance documents correctness, implementation of recommendations by insurance companies, provision of training to the customer’s employees to the extent as required for performance of duties under insurance contracts.

- Loss adjustment procedure including but not limited to:

- Legal services for insurance programme include legal advice provided by our lawyers and a recognised Law Firm whose services have been used by us for over 10 years and which relate to insurance contracts concluded via ODYS BROKERS GROUP and those signed before start of cooperation. 

- Dynamic management of the programme during the year comprising policy handling, monitoring of payments required for insurance coverage to be provided, reminders of premium payment deadlines, termination of obligatory insurance where this is in the customer’s interest, additional insurance for newly acquired property and other services required in view of performance of the Programme’s assumptions. 

- Customer zone - a tool enabling the customer to have a remote and customized access to the Insurance Programme and claim history data in each month and at any time.

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter of the policy year, we will perform comprehensive assessment of the implemented Programme, claim history analysis and its forecasts, as well as agreeing on terms and conditions of insurance for the next period. We will develop loss reports, update relevant data and select the most advantageous offer.
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