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Services provided by EA
Services provided by EA
In provision of insurance agency and loss adjustment services, ODYS BROKERS GROUP is supported by EUROAGENT Sp. z o.o. 

EUROAGENT works with several insurance companies in conclusion of insurance contracts: 
Once the above is finished, an insurance contract is signed with an insurance company of the customer’s choice. Throughout the insurance period, the Company provides free services relating the contract.
A contract can be signed via the Internet system – EUROAGENT Direct.

Loss adjustment
The scope of EUROAGENT’s loss handling services depends on the specific insurance company with whom it cooperates. Depending on the insurance company, EUROAGENT’s duties are:

Provision of all loss adjustment services involving: 
In addition, it provides the so-called loss monitoring services (for insurers who provide loss adjustments via their own units only – partial loss adjustment) including:

Statistics and reports
Supervision of the vehicle related loss adjustment process enables databases to be developed and statistics to be generated to determine loss ratios in comprehensive and collision insurance and third party insurance risks, exercise strict control of claim history and ensure verification by qualifying specific losses for recourse. 
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