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SUPORT’s services
SUPORT’s services
SUPORT – Windykacja Odszkodowań is concerned with pursuing claims that do not arise directly from insurance contracts concluded via ODYS BROKERS GROUP or EA. It provides advice on how to collect compensation or indemnification by analysing documents and indicating that additional documents are required where these are helpful in collection of compensation or indemnification. It provides information on how incurred loss should be valuated and helps in determining the amount of due compensation in cooperation with specialists with long experience of working in the insurance sector.

On behalf of the harmed persons, SUPORT – Windykacja Odszkodowań seeks the following:

Loss of profit may be caused both by a perpetrator who is a third party to ODYS BROKERS GROUP’s customer and by an insurance company itself with whom the customer signed an insurance agreement. In many cases, insurance companies, by negligently delaying compensation payments, put the customer at risk of incurring loss in connection with the inability to remedy property damage and run full-extent operations. The highest lost-profit compensation collected by SUPORT – Windykacja Odszkodowań amounts to over PLN 7,000,000.

SUPORT Windykacja Odszkodowań is not a typical compensation agency. It determines its remuneration only after a case has been resolved, making it dependent solely on the results. Advance payments are required only in exceptional cases where matters are complex, e.g. in the case of loss caused by disrupted operations. Giving priority to customers’ interest, SUPORT seeks to settle a matter within the shortest time possible, e.g. through an advantageous agreement with the perpetrator/insurer.

The company does not deal with pursuing claims under insurance contracts concluded via ODYS BROKERS GROUP. Such claims are pursued free of charge by our company.
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